Need more reasons to learn to study music theory before you dive in?

While many musicians get by without it, even popular musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, theory is important when trying to duplicate a musical style or communicate your music to other artists.

If you enjoy music for it’s own sake and you are comfortable developing your own style, then in-depth theory may not be needed right away. However, if you want to take your musical ability to the next level, theory can be very important.

Here are some reasons to learn (or to skip) music theory:

Here is some inspiration to help you decide to start studying music theory. John Mayer playing the incredible “Neon” live. This song is full of complex music that requires theory to build and understand. The solo is especially amazing, especially if you understand what is going on musically.

That is another reason to learn theory: to understand and appreciate more fully the complex music of other musicians.