Does music really benefit your brain to make you smarter? Watch this video to learn all the ways music benefits the human brain:

You’ll learn how music affects your brain waves, and how a music education is like weightlifting for your mind!

Because playing music requires so many parts of your brain, it is the brain’s equivalent of a full body workout. When you take regular disciplined practice, it triggers your brain to form new pathways that were never there before, and provides stimulus to keep it healthy and alert.

Because music forms new pathways in your brain, it also helps you when you’re trying to figure out how to break a bad habit. The best way to break any bad habit it to replace it with a good one, so replacing your bad habits with listening to music or learning new music is a great way to start using your time more productively. If you have bad habits, you can download the free End Bad Habits book to learn how to break any bad habit and replace it with a good one. This is a great way to get into the habit of learning to play the guitar or piano, and stop watching so much TV!

Just one more reason to stop procrastinating on your musical education (learn to to that by watching this video) and start to learn an instrument today. It can be a guitar, piano, a violin, a cello or even just your singing voice. But when you go down that road, your body benefits in more ways than one.